zo-skin-health-productsDr. Beautiful is now offering ZO Skin Health Products!!!

Starting around age 30, skin cells become lazy and eventually go dormant. As cellular activity slows, skin begins to age causing wrinkles and lines, laxity and pigmentation changes. It takes high doses of active ingredients like retinol, lactic acid and vitamin C to awaken cells so that they can produce collagen and elastin.

ZO Skin Health features high concentrations of active ingredients formulated to stimulate change, Higher concentrations of active ingredients mean better results. Retinol, the only topical ingredient scientifically proven to provide power anti-aging benefits, is the backbone to the ZO Skin Health line of products. ZO products contain 5-1x the industry average of retinol. Even the moisturizers contain retinol and not only hydrate but also stimulate the skin.

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